Your Project Partner for All Things Linux!

Linutronix GmbH is one of the leading service providers for all aspects of 'Linux in an industrial environment'.

Ranging from board support package, to the development environment and browser application, to consultation services for ongoing projects, we offer the full range of support from a single source!

However, all-in-one solutions are only a part of what we can offer. We provide support for individual aspects of your projects as well.

Naturally, we are committed to actively furthering the development of Linux. Among other things, we are maintainers of the x86 architecture and have also developed essential parts of the flash driver infrastructure – just to name two examples.

Moreover, we are the 'creators' of PREEMPT_RT – the de facto standard for Linux and Real-Time! For this, the Linux Foundation lays its trust in our knowledge to advance the integration into the mainline Linux kernel!

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