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Internet of Things (IoT) - Quick Start with Linux and Open Source Software

Course Description

Today, the Internet of Things is omnipresent; an internet connection is almost a must-have. For the user, this can be a great plus in terms of comfort; developers, however, are faced with an array of new requirements arising from connecting the products, e.g. with regard to systems security or the system's ability to update. After all, who would accept an IoT device in one's lounge that could easily be misused as a surveillance camera?

Linux and other open source projects today provide solutions to quickly and efficiently create an IoT product which is also highly configurable. Linux allows the fast and efficient implementation of the suitable hardware. Sensors can be integrated by way of various IO subsystems. Cloud connectivity is enabled by various protocols, which, however, are all Linux supported. For obvious reasons, security is of utmost importance, and Linux provides the necessary mechanisms.

Whether you use a remote cloud or prefer local processing (keyword: edge or fog computing), Linux will provide the suitable solution. Do you prefer flexible customization? Possibly locally during operation? No problem, a suitable update concept will allow you to do this.

The extension of the application by way of pre-fabricated components (nodeRED) or container is supported by Linux. This allows you to exactly configure your system and use existing software parts. Connect your system to your customer's preferred cloud provider. Or to your own cloud system.

This course provides an overview of available technologies and will assist you in designing a concept specifically for the intended purpose.


To participate in this course, a basic knowledge of the Linux operating system and profound practical knowledge of Shell are required.


Duration: 1 day

Dates for 2019 coming soon. 

Fees: 950.00 Euro + VAT
Registration: Please write to us at "schulung[at]linutronix[dot]de"