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Navigating through the Distribution Jungle of Linux!

Course Description

What is a distribution? Do I need to have my own distribution? Particularly in the field of embedded it is imperative to develop Linux to be aligned optimally to the system. This course teaches you how to achieve this, which tools are available for it, which ready-made solutions (Yocto, Debian, ptxdist, ELDK, ...) there are, and which advantages and disadvantages each solution entails. In conclusion of the course, the question of security is applied to each of these solutions and illustrated how it is being handled – or not.


To participate in this course, basic knowledge of the Linux operating system is expected as well as experience in dealing with the shell.


  • What is a distribution?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of common solutions
  • Is reproducibility necessary?
  • Security – and who is in charge


Duration: 1 day

Dates: offered upon request

Course fees: 450,- Euro excl. VAT

Registration: Contact us at "schulung[at]linutronix[dot]de"